Bali Spa by Galuh Bali Spa

Bali Spa by Galuh Bali Spa

Bali Spa by Galuh Bali Spa

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The popular Bali spa serves you the temptation of traditional spa that combines the authentic healing and modern day spa rituals. Our well trained therapist will deliver the healthy, rejuvenate & wellbeing of your mind, body and soul. This traditional spa treatment uses natural ingredient blends with the purest natural essential oils, herb & spices. It brings the utmost relaxation & rejuvenation. Whenever you feel you need to laid back then book our authentic Bali spa experience. We guarantee the comfortable and very peaceful ambiance with the service excellence.

Various packages offered in Galuh Bali Spa in very affordable price. The spa treatment ranges from 2- 5 hours depend on your preference and in very private taste. It promises utmost attention and care in addition to a masterpiece of relaxation and rejuvenation. You’ll feel it refreshes your mind and body after hectic holiday. Galuh Bali Spa is situated just 5-minute driving from Ngurah Rai Airport. Its building can simply be distinguished the Balinese architecture. Full facilities completed the Galuh Bali Spa comprises of the meditation room, swimming pool, and body steam Jacuzzi. Verdant and stunning garden is ready to renew your day. It also serves professional and well trained therapists.

Nature Inspiration , 2 Hours Rupiah US$ 35

Aromatic Footbath, Body wash, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub, Tropical Fruit Body Polish, Aromatic Flower bath, Body Lotion.


Sweet Dream, 3 hours Rupiah US$50

Body Steam, Aromatic footbath, Body Wash, Traditional Facial or Hair Creambath, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub, Tropical Fruit Body Polish, Aromatic Flower Bath, Body Lotion.


Moonlight, 4 Hours US$70

Body Steam, Aromatic Footbath, Body Wash, Hair Creambath, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub Traditional Facial, Tropical Fruit Body polish, Aromatic Flower Bath, Body Lotion, Finish for The Treatment Lunch or Dinner.


Honeymoon Packages (For Couple Price)

Romance , 2 hours Rupiah US$70

Body Steam, Aromatic Footbath & Peppermint Body Wash, Shirodara Treatment or Anti Aging Facial, Traditional Massage, Ratus for women Hand or Foot Treatment for Man Body Lotion.


Angel Pink , 3 Hours Rupiah US$120

Rose Aromatic Footbath, Body Wash, Balinese Massage, Galuh Bali Shirodara, Rose Body Scrub, Lime and Honey Body Polish, Rose Flower bath Body Polish, Rose Flower bath, Body Lotion.


Sunset Paradise, 4 Hours Rupiah US$150

Body Steam, Aromatic footbath & Peppermint Body wash, Anti Aging Facial, Galuh Bali Shirodara, Traditional Massage Rose or Chocolate Body Scrub, Strawberry Body Polish, Flower and Bubble Bath, Ratus for women Hand Treatment or Foot Treatment for Man, Body Lotion, Lunch or Dinner.


Harmony, 5 Hours Rupiah US$180

Special pose and Spa Treatments combined to memorize your day in Bali:

Balinese wedding costume with 6 pose, Body steam, Aromatic Footbath, Bodywash, Hair Creambath, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub, Traditional Facial, Tropical Facial, Tropical Fruit Body Polish, Aromatic Flower bath, Body Lotion, Finish for the treatment Lunch or dinner

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